Custom L.E.D. Signs

Our L.E.D. Signs are completely customized from beginning to end with your brand being in the forefront of our mind!

Everything from the layout of the design, the color of the material, and even the color of the lights help to illuminate your brand in a unique way that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Our signs range in size, color and light variation.

We even have the capability to illuminate your sign with multi-color L.E.D.’s which allow you to set a specific color, strobe,fade or provide an ambiance of different colors. Click here for video.

All signs are completely custom and each sign comes with its very own power supply.

These signs have been used to help brand breweries to board rooms, lobbies to conference rooms!

Just a few examples.

Oscar's Bar & Grill Video
Multi-color L.E.D. Cycle Fade