Universal Keg Spacers

Increase the functionality of your crowded keg cooler with the one and only Universal Keg Spacer.

This dependable and universal Keg Spacer is made of durable anodized aluminum that’s specifically designed to fit any size keg barrel. It’s perfect for crowded beer coolers that have lots of brews that need to be available simultaneously.  It allows you to cut your keg storage space in half by stacking any size keg on top of another. But unlike the stacker, this spacer leaves ample room to attach a coupler to the bottom keg for immediate dispensing! In other words – more beer on tap and more room in your cooler!

Our Universal Keg Spacer also lowers the number of touches a bartender may have to make during a busy shift by allowing two popular brews to be tapped simultaneously. this helps lower the risk of injury to a bartender having to move and tap kegs frequently.

Maximize the efficiency of your keg organization. Grab your Universal Keg Spacers right away!

Universal Keg Spacer

Durable anodized aluminum. Fits any size keg barrel.